Grand Master Inn Oh

Canadian Korean Martial Arts Federation

Grand Master Inn Oh is the Head Instructor of the Kitchener School.

Born in Esslingen Germany in 1971 Master Inn has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since he was four years old. In that time he has reached the level of 9th Dan Black Belt. When he was asked how long it took him to reach his current level he answered: “A lifetime and a lifetime still to go.” 

Master Inn has been instructing for over 25 years. He likes being able to show someone their true potential. “Many people come in to Martial Arts with a pre-conceived notion of what it is. Mostly from bad movies. It is my job to show them the difference between real and Movie Martial Arts. Once they can see this I can teach them techniques and skills that should stay with them the rest of their lives”.

The hardest part of being an instructor is dealing with three types of students. 1. Those who do not try. 2. Those who do not wish to learn. 3. Those that are too stubborn or set in their ways to take his advice. Helping them learn their potential and change their ways is difficult. Master Inn feels that the Internet is, unfortunately, one of the worst things that has happen to Martial Arts. While there are many good things that can be discovered there are just as many bad things as well. It is difficult for new students to tell the difference. It allows bad skills and techniques to perpetuate themselves. If a bad technique is explained in a clear manner it seems reasonable to a new student and getting them to unlearn what they think is reasonable can be extremely difficult or even impossible. If you take a long hard look at the technique with an open mind you will see that they start to fall apart. However once Master Inn can get a student past this stage it is most rewarding to watch those who are awkward and uncoordinated reach their full potential.

When it comes to Tae Kwon Do Master Inn’s favourite pattern is Ki Bon Hyung Number Eight. “It seems easy to do on the outside but it is very difficult to truly master.”His favourite weapon is the Long Stick.

On the personal taste side Master Inn likes Korean pop music and will listen to most anything. His taste in food is pretty much the same; it depends on his mood and he will eat anything. He declined to answer who his favourite movie star is.

Master Inn offers these words of encouragement to any student who is training:

Do not measure your ability against others. Martial Arts is not about being better than the next person but being better than you were yesterday.”