Why Is Tae Kwon Do the most popular Martial Art in the world?

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Why Is Tae Kwon Do the most popular Martial Art in the world?

There are 2 main streams of Tae Kwon Do (TKD); the Original Authentic Martial Art and the Sport Version that is in the Olympics. The original authentic martial art version is TKD as developed by General Choi Hong Hi and encompasses much more than the sport version.

TKD is widely known as the Martial Art with emphasis on offense, as opposed to defense. A TKD student learns effective attacking with a greater use of their legs and feet than other martial arts. As well as your legs having more strength and longer reach, the student learns improved balance and control of their entire body while in motion. This enables the student to learn and become proficient in spinning, turning, jumping and flying kicks that utilize every muscle in their body to magnify the normal strength, power and focus of techniques. Proficient TKD martial artists are able to perform demonstrations of power, speed and agility that is rare among other martial arts. TKD teaches how one strike can subdue an opponent and end a confrontation.

Besides learning to attack effectively, TKD students continually learn to excel in other areas of their lives. They learn respect, humility, self-control and discipline. They are not allowed to display arrogance or unsportsmanlike behavior. The benefits of these carry over into everyday life.

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